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#1 Instagram Growth Service Provider

No bots or gimmicks. 100% human-powered service 
focused on growing your Instagram account.






We're a dedicated team of individuals who've gone through the stress of plateauing our social media growth, even with persistent effort. Finally, we've created an algorithm that anyone can use to gain more exposure through our growth services. As a purely results driven team, you'll constantly see milestones being achieved faster than imagined.


Who uses Social Goat?

Anyone can benefits from Social Goat's services!

  • Small Businesses

  • Influencers

  • Artists

  • Musicians

  • Personal Pages

  • Individuals who simply want more exposure!




Individual  Growth


Actively Like Photos

Targeted Audience

Online Support

Consistent Engagement

Follower Maintenance

Apart of Social Goat's amazing algorithm, we also offer a basic starting package for individuals who are simply looking for more exposure. Get hundreds of more organic likes and followers fast! Perfect for the average individual just looking to grow their personal account.​




Actively Like Photos

Targeted Audience

Online Support

Consistent Engagement

Follower Maintenance

Monthly Growth Consultations

Monthly Analytics Report

Avg. 250-500 Followers

This service is perfect for a small business or even just an individual with a personal page. With our dedicated team of social media gurus we'll make sure to deliver exceptional results.




Actively Like Photos

Targeted Audience

Online Support

Consistent Engagement

Follower Maintenance

Monthly Growth Consultations

Monthly Analytics Report

Avg. 500-1000 Followers

Content Management

Account Management

Here we provide the upmost dedication to your account. While you're out looking for new leads, we'll be behind the scenes taking care of everything at home. Doing the things you're normally doing when you use instagram... x20. This service will include a dedicated 24 hour access to a human assistant.

*Get in touch with us to find out more details about each subscription!








How do I get started?

Sign up for the plan that best fits your needs. After we’ve received your order, our team will immediately email you an Onboarding Form to provide targeting options. That is your opportunity to identify similar accounts, hashtags, and other details that will be helpful for our team to target relevant users.


Can I purchase multiple subscriptions?

Yes! Simply choose a plan for each Instagram account. We manage multiple accounts for several agencies and clients.


Do you work on corporate accounts?

Yes. We manage Instagram accounts for several well-known brands (discreetly, of course). 

I’m not seeing any results yet?

Please allow at least a few days for our team to do their job, and demonstrate results. The first day is usually reserved to review your Onboarding Form as a team, discuss targeting strategy, and identify a list of targets.

Keep in mind that we do NOT sell followers or likes. We are essentially acting as your dedicated Instagram Growth team, and our service is time-consuming and manual. Results take time


Is this service for me?

Social Goat has the right solution for anyone looking to grow their Instagram account. Whether you're an influencer, a brand, or any other individual looking for more followers and better engagement, we’ve got you covered - regardless of your industry, your brand, or your goals.


Is my account safe?

Yes! Social Goat is powered by real people – no bots, no software, no gimmicks. We’re a social media marketing agency. Therefore, our activity is no different than how you use Instagram normally and 100% compliant with Instagram’s policies. We’re a social media growth agency that specifically focuses on growing Instagram accounts for our clients.


How much does it cost?

Visit our Pricing details and find a plan that matches your needs!


Do I need to share my username and password?

Yes. Access to your account is required. The initial Login Process is painless. Since we’ll be logging into your account from a different location or IP address, you may receive a security notification from Instagram. However, we’ll let you know in advance when we’re logging into the account so that you can be sure it’s our team. For more details, you can see what to expect here –  Instagram Security Verification.


Do you work with agencies?

Of course. In fact, many of our clients are agencies who are offloading the time-consuming work to our team. For some agencies, we’re handling their entire portfolio of client accounts.





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